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Inspired by breeders for breeders, our products make it possible to geolocate animals individually or collectively. They optimize the daily management of animals such as the control of milk production or the evaluation of the state of health.

Our connected products can be controlled by smartphone, even in the most remote pastoral areas.

Products and services only reserved for professionals


NB-IOT GNSS Trackers - Geolocation and Measurement

Offered in 2 versions, M and L, the GNSS Tracker is a geo-positioning solution that allows you to know the activity and individual or collective position of animals. GNSS technology allows animals to be located indoors or outdoors. Offering the Bluetooth modem function as standard.

This feature allows you to read all Medical TAGs within a radius of ± 200 m.

Medium version features
  • Autonomy: 1 year in optimal configuration
  • Accuracy: ±40 meters
  • Weight: 223g
  • Installation on all types of collar up to 60 mm wide
Large version (Special cattle) characteristics
  • Autonomy: 1 year in optimal configuration
  • Accuracy: ±40 meters
  • Weight: 480g
  • Implantation on all types of collar

TAG Medical Bluetooth Identification / Measurement / Localization

The Bluetooth Medical TAG is an innovative, economical and durable solution for knowing the individual and collective health status of your animals.

Data can be captured up to
  • ± 500 meters from Control Station
  • ± 200 meters from a tracker
  • Autonomy: 20 years
  • Weight: 53g
  • Implantation on all types of collar

Colliers modulaires

Alpes-éco offers new generations of modular collars for domestic and wild animals. They offer the possibility of grafting a multitude of equipment

  • - Different widths from 60 to 200 mm and different lengths
  • - 100% vegetable tanned leather from 3.5 to 7 mm colors of your choice
  • - 100% polyester of 3.5 mm Gray
Universal bell clasps and brackets

A complete range of universal bell support and different clasps in TITANAL® aluminum and STAINLESS STEEL.

  • Valais type
  • Type Valaisan
  • Savanna type
  • Bell support
  • Savoyard type
Ultra High Frequency TAG / Identification

Can be attached to our modular collars and our various accessories.

Prices and warranty conditions on request from your authorized distributor.


Living Management

Allows to assist milking. With this system, get reliable data for milk recording.

Available from 2024


The origin of this development is the idea of Alizée Jacquemin from Chèvrerie des Aravis, one of our partner breeders.

As in many traditional farms, milk and sanitary control remains complicated. Know day by day which animal should be milked or not, for health or other reasons.




Our app and its features

  • i1

    Cross-platform sharing program

  • i5

    Two-way telecommunication program

  • i4

    Navigation and visualization aid program

  • i2

    Automatically locates TAGs

  • i3

    Analyzes animal data

echo-Agriculture APP

echo is an application developed in close collaboration with partner breeders. This application is designed for “android and IOS” smartphones and has a scalable and intuitive architecture. It allows the management of animals equipped with GNSS Trackers, medical TAGs or even UHF TAGs. This application allows in particular

  • - Surface management
  • - Customizable animal control
  • - Customizable app programming
  • - Animal monitoring and management
  • - Animal monitoring for production and health control
  • - functionalities: which provide the user with the essentials for asset management.
  • - languages: available in English, French and German.

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